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Brand Use

Brand Use and Reseller Policy

CableJive LLC, in order to protect it's brand and network of authorized resellers, monitors and reviews uses of the CableJive company and product brands as well as the sale of CableJive-branded products. The CableJive name, logo, product names, logos, product descriptions and product photos shall not be used by a reseller, wholesaler, sole person or other, for purposes of resale, advertising and/or marketing without direct permission from CableJive LLC. If a person(s) or company is found selling a CableJive product and/or using our product photos without authorization, immediate action will be taken in the form of a written request followed by legal action. Fraudulent activity will be reported to the appropriate agencies.  CableJive reserves the right to list fraudulent activity and/or unauthorized resellers names on our company website. This policy applies to all forms of advertising including, but not limited to internet, mailings, displays at consumer exhibitions and shows, and any and all other forms of printed or electronic advertising media.