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Car Charge Kit micro USB car Charge including dockStubz, micro USB to 30-pin, adapter for iPhone 4

  • CableJive Car Charge Kit with dockStubz+ and micro-USB car charger

Product Description

Have a car stereo system that doesn't charge the iPod or iPhone correctly? Have other brands of charge converting adapters failed you? The Car Charge Kit is your answer.

This kit includes our dockStubz charge converter and a micro USB Car Charger that will infuse a charge into your iPod or iPhone while allowing you to play audio and utilize all of the functions your system normally provides. It fixes charging issues other charge converters won't, allowing you to use your car audio system the way it was ment to be used.

This kit was originally assembled for Pioneer car stereo systems (to fix the charging issue with the CD-I200), but it will work in any car where the iPod or iPhone isn't charging when connected to the car interface.

And if you'd prefer to keep the bulk of your Car Charge Kit's connections hidden, try a 6 ft. dockXtender cable.

NOTE: It is recommended that you purchase this kit or our Car Charge Extension Kit if you own any Pioneer system, as well as BMW or Mini Cooper "Y-Cable" iPod Interface system.


See it in action:


**PLEASE NOTE**In the above video, our old +USB Charge Converter is used in place of the dockStubz adapter. They both perform the same task in this kit.