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dockBoss5 Charge and listen to any phone or tablet on an iPhone or iPod dock.

  • dockBoss5 works with all phones and tablets, including Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Windows and all other portable devices.
  • Convert your pre-iPhone 5 speaker dock into a charge station with audio output for all devices, including iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy devices, Blackberry and all others. Note: iPhone 5 cable not included.
  • Connect dockBoss5 to your audio dock with the CableJive logo facing out.
  • dockBoss 5 is designed to convert your pre-iPhone 5 audio dock with a 30-pin connector into a universal charge station with audio output.
  • dockBoss 5 is packaged with a USB to micro USB cable and an audio connection cable.
  • An audio connection cable is included for audio output. A USB to micro USB is included for charge function.
  • dockBoss5 has two clearly marked connection ports, 1) USB port and 2) a audio connection port.
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Product Description

dockBoss5 is a sleek, black, adapter that converts pre-iPhone 5 dock stations into a universal charge station with audio output. dockBoss5 is compatible with any 30-pin dock and all portable devices.

Convert your old dock into a universal charge station, and play audio too.

A sleek, black adapter. Plug it into any pre-iPhone 5 dock station and charge up all phone, tablet, or portable devices in your house using the USB port. Plug your charge cable in and power up.

Want music too? Just plug in the audio jack cable. Remember, any device, not just iPhones.



dockBoss5 works with your dock's remote control.

This sleek, and handsome, adapter is smart as well. dockBoss5 is equipped to pass through the commands from your remote to pause, forward or rewind.

How does it work? Use the visual clues to connect the cables to the adapter and then plug them into your phone. That's all.

Be free. Hold your phone in your hand while it charges. Don't lock it in the dock.

dockBoss5 gives you the freedom to charge and hold your phone in your hand. Unlike Apple's adapter, dockBoss5 has a USB port for any charge cable. You don't have to lock your phone to the dock.

Want another reason that's cool? Because ANY device can play music through an iPod dock. At your next party, may the best playlist win.



Plug and play with hundreds of devices.

Micro USB cable and 3.5mm (minijack) audio cable included, so you can connect a myriad of devices right out of the box.


See it in action:


Product Specifications:

  • Description: 1" x 1", black plastic adapter
  • Top Connections: Female USB port and female 3.5mm (minijack) audio cable port
  • Bottom Connection: Female 30-pin input
  • Includes: (1) 3-foot black USB to micro USB cable & (1) 3-foot black 3.5mm (minijack) audio connection cable
  • *Lightning cable not included. If needed, see our iBoltz XS & iBoltz XL cables
  • Power: 5V USB power required for charging
  • Power Note: If you know your iPod system has trouble charging an iPhone or iPod Touch, or if you connect a USB cable from your dockBoss5 to your mobile device and it does not charge, your system likely outputs old, 12V Firewire charging. Our dockStubz+ ("Plus" model) adapter can convert 12V power to 5V power and fix this problem.

Plug-and-Play Instructions:

  1. Insert the adapter into your iPhone or iPod dock
  2. Power up by plugging any device into the USB port.
  3. Listen by plugging the audio cable into your tablet or phone.



The dockBoss5 is compatible with many 30-pin iPod docking stations, including systems from Bose, iHome, JBL and other popular brands. However, there are some that suffer compatibility issues. Here are the systems that we have currently confirmed issues with:

dockBoss5: Incompatible Systems
System Type Brands & Models
Standard iPod Audio Docks All models from Philips, Panasonic, Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Onkyo, Pure
Sony Hi Fi models beginning in: "NAS" / "MHC" / "AIR" / "RD" / & "CMT" (however "CMT-LX20" IS compatible),
Yamaha's PDX-50 Wireless iPod System, TSX-140 Dock, & "MCR" models
iHome's "App Enhanced" docks (ex: iA100)
Belkin's "Thunderstorm" speaker system
Wadia's 170 iTransport
(If your dock has an available AUX port, please see our dockBoss air AUX Kit)
Factory Installed Car iPod Systems ALL factory installed car audio systems 2008 and newer,
Any and all factory systems (pre & post 2008) from Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan, Infiniti, & Mazda.
(If your car has an available AUX port, please see our dockBoss air Car Kit)
Aftermarket Car iPod Systems ALL Pioneer & Alpine systems,
Also, any systems that link to sophisticated Navigation units, or ones that "lock" the screens of connected iPod devices and force control through the car-installed system only. For more on that, read our post here.
(If your aftermarket system has an available AUX port, please see our dockBoss air Car Kit)
Home Theater iPod Systems Pioneer, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Denon, Onkyo & Yamaha's "YDS" model interfaces
(these customers should see our dockBoss air Home Theater Kit)
Bose SoundDock "Series I" SoundDock systems. (Serial Numbers typically starting in: "0357" or "0402")
(dockBoss5 DOES work with these systems, but our dockStubz+ ("Plus" model) adapter is required)
dockBoss5 is compatible with all other models of 30-Pin Bose SoundDock systems

If your specific system is not listed above, the dockBoss5 should work for you. However, we cannot possibly test for all systems. If you have any trouble with your dockBoss5, or if you'd like to check specific compatibility with your system before you buy, contact our support team.



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